Blog 2: Work Culture

Odyssey prides itself on a solid work culture. In fact, we manage all of our teams with 5 values: creator first, collaborate, hustle, passion, freedom & responsibility. These values drive our Michigan team and the company, and they cover all the bases for a successful company and work culture. As such, I’m glad that Odyssey shares my values. Collaboration, passion, and freedom & responsibility are the three values that I refer to the most in any work environment. I believe that anything else can and will fall under one of these categories, so the focus really only needs to lie in these.

Because I manage Michigan Odyssey virtually (like every other community leader), it’s even more important that my team understands and implements these values. All communication whether it’s with HQ in New York or my own team is done through messaging or video conferences, which can sometimes complicate things. However, those that can keep up with the craziness and effectively communicate with us make for a solid team, and that’s a foolproof way of cleaning out the team roster. Our culture isn’t for everyone, and of course that’s fine. But by sticking to these values, it’s easy to determine who will and will not succeed on our team, which ultimately allows me to build a team I’m proud of leading.

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