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Identity has been constantly coming up in all of my classes recently. Personally, I think we all have one one identity that we choose to present in different ways depending on our surroundings and environment. In my internship so far, I’ve come to understand the presentation of my identity over the phone is different than my in person demeanor. Trying to maintain a professional demeanor over the phone is sometimes almost awkward because you’re never quite sure when the other person is done talking without the clues from body language.

I am not the biggest fan of speaking on the phone because of the lack of body language cues which has been the biggest struggle for me. I’ve never really seen this come out of my identity so much as I have with this internship. Becoming comfortable with speaking over the phone is definitely a challenge but I’ve really come to understand how much I value speaking to people in person and seeing how they respond physically and being able to understand it. Understanding this about myself will definitely help in the future and my professional presentation.

While having a phone call with my advisor, we spoke about certain aspects of my email newsletter work and in that phone call, I definitely felt that I was writing a lot of notes and was unsure if I could interject because I didn’t want to be rude. But I saved all of my questions for the end of the phone call and took care of them then. Finally learning Mail Chimp has definitely helped and can help me in future interviews since I now know how to use the service.

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  • March 6, 2018 at 10:54 pm

    This is great, Lily! One way to get around some of the non-verbal issues with phone calls is to consider using Skype, FaceTime, etc–some sort of video conferencing solution. That might help you get some of the non-verbal language!


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