Professional Identity | Blog #3

During this internship, I have weekly Skype calls with one of the founders of the company that I work for and I realized that I tend to speak and react differently than I would in daily situations in with friends and family. There is this need to be professional and so I would change the tone and words that I use during those Skype calls. I also have a document that shows my work and progress that I update weekly and in that document, I try my best to make my sentences seem more formal since my boss will be reading it. This contrast between professional and normal communications that I have with different people is really interesting in that I try to conform to best fit my current situation.


The past few weeks were spent on understanding the app and other similar apps further to understand more about the direction that the app is going towards and the direction it can or should go towards. Now that I have a clearer understanding, I spent the last week researching about marketing strategies that would best fit apps of similar target audience or functions. I want to be able to explore as many options as possible so that I can form a better business plan for the app.

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