Blog #2: Overcoming Challenges

One of the biggest challenges regarding communication is determining whether I’ve done my best on my own before asking a question, especially during a virtual internship. Though my mentor and I are emailing and will be using apps like Whatsapp to communicate, our weekly Skype meetings are times when I feel like we can collaborate easily, and so I want to be prepared and make the meetings efficient.  However, like in any research project, though the greatest advantage of market research is its flexibility, it can be difficult to start and kind of get the ball rolling.

This week I discussed with Brian about my first task, which includes researching about the gift e-commerce industry through web searches, and for the most part, he gave me a lot of freedom to explore around. So, I realized that there were many approaches I could take with this. He gave me a set criteria but it was left to me to find the specific companies for future partnerships. What should I type when I google? What should my focus be? What do I need to look for?  These are all questions I wanted to ask but I realized that there were greater benefits when I first try on my own as I realized that these are the questions he wants me to discover myself. This is one problem that I will be addressing throughout my internship. I hope to continue to ask my mentor useful questions and find innovative ways to meet targets and goals for each meeting.

So, for this week, I met with Brian for the first time and have been so far scratching the surface and researching about the many different gift platforms specifically targeted to couples- related occasions and individuals on their birthdays. I plan to categorize the companies that I’ve found so far and create an excel that would organize each company’s business description, primary contact, and whether or not they fit under the five criteria.

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