Blog #3: Professional Identity

There are a couple different aspects of my personality and identity that I find I am learning more about as I work. Brian is a UM Ross alumnus, so our conversations largely center around my interests and the ways he leveraged his experiences when he was a student here. I learned a lot from his insights, because I am currently recruiting finance and consulting. I see my professional career long-term in a different light than I did before, because I see him several years down the line doing more entrepreneurial work after having worked in finance like I want to.

Progress for my project is picking up, and I’ll outline my plan for tackling the challenges Brian has given me here (my challenges are outlined in the previous blog). The interesting thing about his mission to contact prolific Instragrammers is that one of my friends is actually in his target range. She is an excellent starting point for me, and when I suggested this to Brian he was quite excited and seemed to look forward to talking to her. Brian’s target markets were slightly different than my friend’s, but he was willing to accommodate that change. Overall, I’m looking forward to moving in this direction.

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