Blog Post #3: Professional Identity

One of my identities is being a 1.5 generation student. I was born in South Korea but raised in America since I was four and from then on, have been learning about both cultures and many more. That’s one of the reasons why a global virtual internship was so intriguing to me. I find cross-cultural exchanges to be so valuable, fascinating, and unfamiliar. Working with my mentor, someone who is currently expanding his company in Hong Kong and someone who has a strong multicultural background relating to his education and work experiences, has really shed light on how big this world really is. He told me about the different trends in businesses in places like Singapore, and our conversations reaffirmed how vastly different each country is. The thought of working in another country also has now crossed my mind.  Going through this internship and exploring different companies showed to me so far that there are so many opportunities around the globe.

One of the most rewarding aspects about my internship thus far is not gaining skills from the practical work that I do, but also from just talking to my mentor about his experiences.  In my last blog post, I mentioned what I have done for this week, but I also had a good time talking to my mentor about his company and experiences. My internship mentor and I both major[ed] in economics and statistics and have a similar background.  We both have done research in the business school and have some experiences living in Singapore. So, I was quite intrigued to learn about his career path. While I am still uncertain about what I want to do with my degree, it was interesting to learn about someone else’s career path. I’m excited to continue working with someone who has so many different experiences in business, and I look forward to learning more!

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