Blog 3: Professional Identity

I see my Latinidad while working for RINF mostly when I provide examples of what type of content RINF should create. I follow a lot of Latinx social media pages and in charge of La Casa’s social media pages, so majority of my ideas stem from social media content related to my Latinx identity. Also, my personality is a mix of introvert and extrovert, so I love working behind the scenes and having interviews through a Skype camera at RINF. So, interviewing people through Skype and creating social media content behind the scenes is the best. I saw my identity as a college student in another light as I sat in an interview with the social media specialist at RINF who had a lot of knowledge about my work and the other intern I work with. I am a year away from being in their position, so it was a little daunting to see how much I thought I knew being a college student interested in social media and wanting to pursue it as a professional career. However, I learned a lot from them as they extremely knowledgeable in this career path. And, hope one day I can be just as great as them.

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