Midpoint Check-in | Blog #4

As we approach the halfway point of the internship, I look back in re-evaluation of the goals I aimed to accomplish at the start of the internship. I see myself identifying the need to take a step forward in doing both independent and collaborative work, and I definitely see myself on the right track as I have completed work that are approved by my mentor, whether it is work alone or with my mentor. My initial goal of polishing my skills in communication also seemed to be accomplished. Now, from this point on to the end of the internship, I hope to focus on one single factor, that is, to provide what is in my effort – the best quality work that comes useful for Userfacet.

Over the past week, I researched more about methods we could use to manipulate the results coming up from search engines to our advantage. I recommended a few strategies that my mentor approved of. Furthermore, I worked on a survey that could be released in order for us to better understand our customer base. Tanuj suggested me to bring my searches further into scope so that they will be directly addressing Roadlike. The next step I would take is also to create an implication which would summarize my work and present the final recommendations for Userfacet.

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  • March 15, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    It sounds like your goal was to develop a more independent work style, and that seems to be progressing well. Tanuj sounds like he’s a great fit for you, too–always something that we like to see!


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