Mid-Point Goal Re-evaluation | Blog #4

Since it is halfway through this internship already (how is that possible!), it’s time to re-evaluate the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the semester. One of my goals was that I hoped to gain an understanding of the way a business in another country runs compared to how businesses in the US run. Since this is a virtual internship, I haven’t really been able to see that just because I’m not there in person working side by side with Pathway CTM employees and in their office. So, I think this goal needs a bit of a modification. So, I’ve tweaked this goal and now hope to gain an understanding of the language that they use in the business sphere and how it compares with the US. I’ve already come to notice some differences and similarities, such as calling high school graduates “school leavers.” I’ve also noticed that they use the word “sector” when describing different areas of career focus. I think we use that word but I’ve never seen it as often as I have been when creating their email newsletters.

I think communication has definitely been difficult especially when the woman I am primarily in contact with isn’t in the office and with the time change. Everything is more difficult. I try to continually check back in with her to make sure she knows I’ve gotten things done and am ready for new tasks. I’ve definitely noticed that I’ve become more familiar with how they want things done and also with how I’m able to communicate with them and ask questions both over the phone and in emails and not feel uncomfortable or like that means that I’m not good at what I’m doing.

One thought on “Mid-Point Goal Re-evaluation | Blog #4

  • March 15, 2018 at 2:22 pm

    It is great that you’ve been able to modify your goals in light of the specific realities of your internship experience! I hope that you’re finding this to be valuable, and it sounds like you are. Communication tends to be tricky with Global Virtual internships since time zones and distance are factors to consider, so I’m also glad to see that you’re handling that well.


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