Blog 5: Overcoming (or Accepting?) Obstacles

With my title change comes new responsibilities. As President of Odyssey, one of the biggest new responsibilities of mine was jumpstarting and maintaining a team Instagram under very specific rules/regulations in line with the national platform. While this doesn’t seem like a typical challenge that many would have (I certainly didn’t think it would become one for me), the level of difficulty in maintaining this account has certainly surprised me. With such strict rules (including using very specific editing apps and levels of concentration in effects), sometimes it becomes difficult to continue cultivating good content and properly representing your brand without becoming uninterested. At the same time, since there are about 10 other teams that also get Instagrams, there’s an unspoken comparison or competition about who has the best aesthetic, the most followers, etc. so it can get stressful for me.


Keeping up with a team Instagram isn’t something I was as excited about as the other presidents, so it’s been more of an obstacle than I originally thought it’d be. While I love assembling a nice aesthetic, it gets hard to post under their rules and stay sane: at least 4 posts per week and stories at least every other day. It becomes a chore, and it’s something that I’ve needed to just accept since I can’t change it. So I guess in a way you could say that I have overcome this by just accepting that it’s part of my role as President. And while it can be fun at times, I honestly just think it’ll continue being an after-thought for me because I’ve already messed around with my aesthetic too many times to stay interested.

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