Blog 1: Goals

I started my internship with Asian Americans Advancing Justice in the middle of the semester. Asian Americans Advancing Justice | AAJC is a civil rights non-profit established to promote Asian American rights and promote equality for all. I have previously worked with AAJC as their policy and litigation intern during my semester in MIW. This time I had the opportunity to rejoin them for a slightly different position: advocacy communications intern.

My goals through this internship are multi-layered. First, similar to any other experiential learning opportunities, I hope to gain more insights into the field of civil rights advocacy through my work and interactions with the staff. In my previous internship, I have had a substantial amount of experience in conducting policy research and learned a great deal in the field of immigration. This time, I am excited to learn more about how civil rights non-profit connect with and mobilize the community that they are serving.

Second, a more practical goal of mine is to establish deeper and wider connections with the professionals in the organizations and in the same field. This will ultimately open many doors for me in terms of future careers and networks. I have heard many times from others that to land in DC with a successful career, the connections, the people you know really make a lot of differences. That is exactly why I want to establish an amicable professional relationship with people at work.

Last, the most imminent goal is to land in a full-time position after I graduate. Whether it is continuing with AAJC or with other organizations in the similar fields, I hope this internship experience would boost my resume and open new doors of my future career.

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