Blog 4 Mid-point Check-in

I am glad that I got this chance to reflect on what I have done so far with my internship. I believe some self-assessment at the mid-point will help me understand my successes and failures and make a recalibration to improve this experience. My goal was to contribute my own effort and work with my host organization to help children from underprivileged family in India. As a Research and data analysis intern, I was looking forward to practicing my analysis skills as well as improving them by working along side the professionals. Also, I hoped to make some friends and build connections through my internship. After several weeks of working, I feel I have gained very useful experience and skills and have overcome some difficulty. I actively talked to my colleagues in the host organization and show my strong interest in this internship. They provided me with valuable information and advice. They have helped me improve my understanding of the mission of my host organization and encouraged me to be part of it. I have been enjoying the time I spent on researching related topics. Time managing has been a challenge for me. It requires good time management skills to balance my school work as a senior and internship. Luckily, I have been getting used to this kind of life and feeling better and better. Overall, I think I have grown more professional with this internship and I feel this will prepare me for my future career endeavors in industry.

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