Blog 4: Midpoint Check-in

My goals were to get the series started at RINF to highlight the amazing staff the projects they are working in and getting hands-on experience in creating engaging content for RINF. This involved having questions ready for the staff members to answer for interviews to demonstrate the projects at RINF while getting to know them which is still in progress. And, I have only conducted one interview thus far but will have another one set for this Tuesday. The first interview went not as well as I thought as the questions did not really demonstrate the great work-environment and projects at RINF. So, I hope by creating better questions the answers will reflect why working at RINF, its projects, and staff are the best. My other goal was to create engaging content for RINF which is in progress as we are creating these interviews and formatting them as stories so users become engaged to their website and social media platforms. I am doing really well in terms of communicating and getting the content formatted in the most beneficial way that will promote further growth for the company. I can improve on being faster at communicating and getting content created earlier. But, overall, it has been a great learning experience.

One thought on “Blog 4: Midpoint Check-in

  • March 19, 2018 at 4:18 pm

    I’m so glad to hear that you’re having a good experience working with RINF Tech! They’re pretty great, and it sounds like you’re getting a lot out of the experience.


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