Blog #4- Midterm Evaluation

I definitely have a better understanding of what goals are realistic for the next 4-5 weeks of my internship. Because it is a short time frame, it makes sense to set one big goal and work towards it in smaller steps. My current task relates to finding target social media influencers for DetourGuy to partner with and pilot their itinerary models with. I contacted my friend, who actually has quite a large Instagram following, and got her opinion on it. She had some suggestions for me as to how I could go about contacting influencers in the best way, and my work this week actually caused me to reevaluate my goals for the semester.

She told me that, for this kind of a project, I should pick quality over quantity- that is, cold-emailing won’t make as much of a difference as getting to talk to them in person will. I had to change my strategy from merely emailing to a mix of the two- it never hurts to contact people directly through business email, but part of contacting influencers to partner with is working smart, not working hard necessarily. If my friend can put me in contact with more people like her that she knows, this will be a large step forward for the company.

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