Blog 2: Work Culture

Workplace culture is definitely something I will be taking into consideration during my job search. What a company values, and what employees attitudes and behaviors are like can definitely influence what it is like going to work everyday. Ticketmaster has a clear mission and the leadership appears to value transparency. I have noticed this by the quarterly video meetings held by the president that all of Ticketmaster tunes into. During these meetings, the president, Jared Smith, dives into current successes, challenges, and opportunities. Some cool things that I have noticed that gave me a positive view of Ticketmaster’s workplace culture besides the perks are the opportunity for employees to pitch ideas to the president during a yearly competition, and the fun events that are organized within each office such as after work dinners or March Madness bracket competitions. Further, Ticketmaster seems to promote internally quite often, and I was pleased to hear a few of my team members who are now marketing coordinators or managers started off as interns with the company.

Ticketmaster’s marketing department is set up into a few smaller teams that focus on a specific effort. The team I am on focuses on client marketing for venues and tours. In the Troy office, I starting directly reporting to a coordinator and manager for this team. I was briefly introduced to the rest of the team in offices in North Carolina, California, and New York who would send me tasks via email on a daily basis. About a month into my internship, the two people i reported to in the office I was in were promoted, so there was a bit of a shift in the dynamic.

Even though they were promoted, the two team members I reported to continued to support me and make sure I was not overwhelmed and received whatever training that was necessary or that I was interested in. The coordinator I used to sit next to in the front section of the office got his own office, and at times I would feel slightly disconnected as the few other people that sat in the room of cubicles were in the IT department and we didn’t really interact.  Despite the physical space, I was continuously checked on and reassured I could ask any questions at anytime. Even though they were busy taking on new roles with more responsibility, I really valued this supportive culture. An aspect of the physical office that I enjoyed was the conference room where group video meetings would take place. For the most part, meetings would take place on a weekly basis, and furthered the collaborative aspect of Ticketmaster’s culture.

Overall, Ticketmaster has a great workplace culture that I can definitely see myself being a part of. Everyone I have interacted with is extremely supportive, interested in getting to know me, and it is clear how dedicated and driven the employees are within the marketing department. Even though I have never had the experience of coordinating virtually with others in an internship, I feel my communication skills have been further enhanced and will continue to develop.

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