Blog #1: Goal


Setting a goal is extremely important as it will guide towards the “improved” you at then end of your internship. For me, I took my internship seeking personal growth and I have set 3 goals to achieve that. The first goal is being the best at what I do. No matter what my job is or the given task is, simple or difficult, if my employer assigns me to do something, I will be the best and expert at it. Another goal I have set is communicating effectively with my team members, and everyone else that is involved in the task that I must accomplish. Communication is integral in a team environment. I will make sure I am able to speak with my co-workers and boss to make sure I’m getting the job done correctly. Also, if I have any questions, I will make sure I will ask and improve my understanding of the topic questioned. The final goal that I have set up is getting along with my co-workers. I think one of the biggest perks in working with a team is the fact that you get to learn more about those around you. There is nothing more enjoyable than accomplishing a common mission with your friends.

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