Blog #2: Expectation vs Reality

The company that I am interning in is one of the largest business conglomerates in South Korea. Since it is well known in South Korea, I was very excited to work here and began to develop my own expectation of the experience I was about to encounter. One of the expectations I had was tackling a project with a team. As I started working I realized the work was done more individually than with a group of people. However, every individual task is extremely important for the company. It was more so that various individual tasks come together to complete a one large project. Another expectation that I had was the culture. I thought that there would be just one culture in one company because everyone shares the common value and goal, working under the same company. Once again, this was not the case. Since it is a South Korean company, there were sojourning employees from South Korea. Due to the language barrier and the difference in American culture and South Korean culture, I realized that both cultures existed in one company, which I found to be very interesting. It was actually nice to see how two cultures integrated into one and worked together harmoniously.

On the other hand, there were things that turned out to be very similar to how I imagined. For instance, I thought that the people will be very nice and helpful. As expected, everyone was willing to help me whenever I had a question or looked confused. They also care a lot about employee’s safety. Recently, there was a snowstorm in Michigan and I had to drive to work. When I told them I was not the best driver in snow, they told me to stay in and take a good rest. They are very patient and willing to make you feel important.

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