Blog #4: Mid-Point Evaluation

It has been about 11 weeks since I started working as an intern here. So far I am enjoying everything that I have been doing and I appreciate the people that I work with. Currently, I have to drive for about 45 minutes from Ann Arbor, but I enjoy the drive. I have about 6 weeks left until my internship is over. Until then, I would like to get better at what I am doing. At the moment, I make small mistakes but I want to be quicker and more accurate. My job right now is to input product data into SAP software, analyze product data, generate invoices and distribute it to our clients, etc. However, I do not know too much about the product itself and how they are processed and manufactured into the final product. When I went to one of the expos, I realized a lot of clients are interested in how the product is made (including specific details such as the pressure level and temperature). If I could learn the more specific details and better understanding of the business, I think that I will be able to see the bigger picture and really know how much my job is helping the company.

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