Blog #5: Overcoming Obstacles

One challenge I faced during my internship was my lack of knowledge about both the travel industry as well as mobile application launches. My ultimate task of producing a marketing pitch for Roadlike required that I become an expert on both of those things. At first I found it slightly overwhelming and did not know where to start, but have since learned the importance of staying organized and conducting solid research. I was able to separate the mass amounts of information into categories and start at the surface level before delving deeper. I set small goals at first and as I learned more about travel applications and how they are marketed to the public, I felt more confident outlining my pitch and presenting it to my mentor. I also learned how important it is to use reliable resources when conducting research. The majority of my data came from dependable websites like, marketingcharts, and adweek.

This week I met with my mentor and got his approval on my pitch idea. He supported my choice to use influencers to market Roadlike and we talked about the research I had done on why it would be successful. He then outlined what he wanted me to present next week, which included a detailed list of potential influencers to use, and why they would be right for Roadlike.

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