Blog #5| Overcoming Obstacles

I think one challenge that I faced and wrote about during the internship was communication. I was unsure about how to approach the communication, but I recently overcame this and reached out. I learned that the best way to avoid any problems or anxieties that you may have about a lack of communication is to communicate. Having inaction in this area is only going to waste time, and if it is a serious issue you risk it blowing up in your face.

This week I am working on something I found extremely helpful and practical. Mr. Power has given me the opportunity to combine both my in class experiences in Finance 302, and the annual reports of competitor casinos to make an investment decision. I am deciding what casino I believe would be the better investment and why. In upper level management, often times you will make decisions with limited information and will have to decide what is the better investment without having all of the answers. This is a great opportunity for me to get good feedback and commentary on my thought process for investing. I can not wait to hear what Mr. Power thinks of my decision making process.

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