Blog 5: Overcoming Obstacles

A challenge that I have faced is a slight lack of direction and feedback from my mentor. The tasks that she assigns me to complete are all very clear and well explained, and I enjoy completing them. However, the challenge lies in when things should be completed by, as we frequently have a constantly shifting schedule of meeting, there are some weeks when I have a heap of things to do and others when I have nothing to complete. Additionally, a challenge that extends from this is that when I do submit a lot of research, I don’t tend to get a lot of feedback, so it is hard to tell whether the work I am completing is helpful or not!

The biggest thing that I did to try and navigate this challenge was continue to churn out quality and substantial work so that my mentor knew that the difficulties in meeting times and the lack of direction wouldn’t deter me from working hard in the position. This past week, I also reached out to her and asked if she could provide me with some more feedback on the information I have tried to generate for her. I also asked if we could nail down one to two tasks for me to focus on so that I could see it though and make sure an end goal was reached. I am waiting to hear back and hoping that this will smooth out any of the small challenges I had been having!

These last couple of weeks I have been keeping up with scheduling Kirsten’s social media via I pick pictures that I think will look good together on her feed, edit them into the format that she wants for each of her pictures, and then schedule them at peak times with relevant hash tags. Last week I also completed a substantial amount of market research for her; sending her an REI and Patagonia affiliate program that she could apply for, a Patagonia Pro program, and rock climbing events throughout Europe that she could potentially pitch/cover for publications.

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