Blog #5: Overcoming Obstacles

There were a couple of different challenges that I faced during the course of this internship. One of the more operational challenges was finding time to meet and discuss updates on the project. My weekends have been packed (just got back from Chicago in the middle of the night) and Brian’s time is also extremely valuable, so we had to find a way to coordinate our work around that. What I did to address this was start sending him status emails around Tuesday of each week, updating him on my work for that week and creating a short list of the things that I wanted to go over with him. I tried this for the first time last week, and realized that it was extremely beneficial to both of us. A simple change entirely transformed our weekly interactions.

So far on the project, I stopped going the individual route and started to try and cold-email prolific Instagram blogger. Even though it’s not ideal to have to contact random individuals with nothing in common or nothing tying us to them, it’s our best bet as a growing company. My hope is to get the first emails out tomorrow using Mail Merge, expressing our interests for a partnership. I also suggested some changes to the Instagram page and to direct message (DM) a few of the bloggers to see if there’s any difference in their response rates or interest. Overall, I’m very happy with my progress and will continue to target my search for potential clients for DetourGuy.

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