Informational Interview

I chose to interview Griffin Morris, the president of Amazon Music. I am working for a record label and music group this summer and was hoping to learn more about the industry from our call. I met Griff at a Grammy party for Concord Music Group where I was representing my company, Primary Wave Entertainment. Griff was incredibly friendly and a pleasure to talk to. He told me how he got his start doing legal work for company that represented artists in San Francisco before becoming vice president of a record label and then transitioning to Amazon.

I learned about what his job was like day-to-day as well as what he enjoyed most about working in the music industry. He emphasized the importance of making personal connections and then in turn, using those connections effectively. He said that the number one piece of advice he could give to anyone just starting out was to “be hungry, be the first one in the office every day and the last one out”. It was interesting that he came from a law based background and reassured me that my psychology based major would not inhibit me in the industry. He actually said that being different, and standing out amongst all the business students, would likely help me excel in the music industry.

My conversation with Griff was incredibly motivating. He truly seemed to love his job and ignited a similar fire within me. I have wanted to work in the music industry for as long as I can remember and hearing from someone as successful as Griff only reinforced that. This summer I will be interning with a record label called Primary Wave Entertainment. There I will focus on establishing relationships with my mentors and coworkers so that when I graduate next year, I am able to use them as references. I will exhibit a dedicated work ethic and try to assert myself as the most capable intern. I feel as though Griff and I established a connection and that I can contact him anytime in the future for further career advice and expertise.

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