Blog 5: Overcoming Challenges

I came into a an already established relationship working at RINF, so at the beginning I felt a little left out as I did not know much of what they were talking about. However, overtime, we all established a great relationship and make a lot of jokes together. And, now I feel part of the RINF family. I learned it takes time to settle in a new work environment with established relationships. Also, my first interview that would be used for marketing content for RINF was not as depth as we wanted. The interviewee was in a rush and just wanted to answer questions via email. So, I did not push any harder knowing the busy schedule RINF workers have. We just had to change the structure to make the interview answers have more depth and show what RINF has to offer and why its the best tech company. Also, I had the chance to interview different individuals from which I had to navigate different personalities which was difficult, but I was able to have productive conversations by re-stating the purpose of this marketing strategy. This taught me to be adaptable in any situation and know there is always a way to make something work.

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