Caeli Lacroix Blog 6: Final Reflection

These past few months working with the Lumen Prize has been an illuminating experience for me. I have learned a great deal along the way regarding marketing strategy and also about myself. I have found that my internship with the Lumen Prize has confirmed my desired path to work in Marketing. The opportunity to work with an international company was an aspect of my role that I highly enjoyed. I also greatly enjoyed the freedom that I had to work at my own pace with regular check ins. This allowed me to develop my time management skills as well as learn about my own work style. Taking these things into account, I plan to continue down my path by gaining more experience in the marketing field through future internships and job opportunities. I am taking a Marketing course in the Fall which I am very excited about.

This week I continued to work on advertising Lumen Prize’s Call for Entries. I have been reaching out to various art media outlets and working with them to advertise. I have also been drafting social media posts for Lumen Prize’s Instagram account. I have been enjoying crafting these posts and have found that its a very fun way to advertise and reach artists. I have also been wrapping up all of the projects I have worked on over the weeks by creating a filing system for the documents I have created. Along with this, I am brainstorming a system to keep Lumen Prize’s various important documents more organized and efficient for future use.


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