Blog 6: Connecting your studies to your academic exploration.

I still want to do marketing and continue my academic path. However, this job is not very satisfying and I do not want to do such kind of job in the future. Because the company I worked in is an incubator, and their main job is to look for projects and make investments. Branding and marketing are not what they care much about. Although I have much freedom to deal with the articles I post, it doesn’t contribute to the company’s profit. I am just doing something the company need but would not add more. Even though I used some tricks and method in psychology I learned from my major course: Orgstudy, to make my post looks more attractive, there isn’t much increase in the view number and, to be honest, my colleague doesn’t care much about what I did. I want to do marketing and branding because I want people to participate more or buy more products after see my work. But for an incubator, they do not really need that much. I couldn’t get a sense of accomplishment from my work.

I still feel happy when I had new ideas for writing articles and for marketing. But this work experience is kind of disappointing. I would like to try other kinds of work or other companies that could better realize my goals.

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  • April 30, 2018 at 4:48 pm

    Hi Kevin,

    It’s exciting to hear that you’re starting your first job with this company. Throughout your posts there has been a thread of the people at your company (including your mentor) being supportive, as when they told you not to drive, and your mentor offered to drive you. I appreciate the initiative you took creating a manual to catch the small differences between clients and increasing the precision of your work. One thing you wrote struck me–it seems like it would benefit you to learn the big picture of the company more. Thinking about the informational interviews you’ve done and the relationship you have with your mentor (who introduced you to the expos) it might be good to interview others at the organization who can increasingly help provide a context for your work. Great getting to read about your internship (now job)!


  • April 30, 2018 at 7:06 pm

    Hi Olivia,

    It’s been interesting to read your blog posts this semester. I see that you’ve been navigating several tensions, for example between doing school work and doing the work of the internship. I appreciate that one of the things this experience has taught you is that you’d prefer a role that seems more directly related to quantifying the success of the company.

    I was really interested to read your posts about the work culture and the about what you got out of being on site–this connects to the experience you shared about people interacting with their supervisors in ways that differ culturally. I’ll look forward to hearing about the new opportunities you connect with as you search for a fit that’s more meaningful for you. Great to read this.

    Thank you,


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