Final Reflection | Blog #6

This internship has been a great experience overall as I get to gain not only knowledge in the entrepreneurial field but also realized my desired career path. My decision to take up this internship was to gain knowledge and experience in research. This was important for me because there are many jobs that require some form of research, in any field, and having basic skills in research would benefit me. I realized that pure research isn’t the area for me when the work started feeling stagnant. I prefer a fast paced and constantly changing work load because I think that it keeps me refreshed and motivated as I anticipate what I’ll do next. Although, this realization will not change my academic path since I’ve been focusing on marketing for some time now, but it will definitely strengthen my interest even more. I will however, still keep my future career options open and not just trapped within the marketing sector, as I want to make sure that I will not miss out on better opportunities just because I restrict myself to one field. To explore my options, I have accepted an internship in the consulting field, which is something I’ve always been curious about but too afraid to try. All these experiences, although jumping from one field to a different one, would give me a clearer understanding of what I really want to do in the future.


The past week has mostly been piecing information together. I’ve been using information that I’ve been working on since the start of the internship and coming up with thoughts and implication on how that would positively or negatively affect the sales of the app. I worked on finding out information that would help with ad placements since that will tie in together with the suggested list of function for the app to create a well-rounded business strategy plan. With the data that I collected on air travel based on different criteria, I gave suggestions on which airports to target and when to place the ads to coincide with high passenger traffic seasons. The final report is taking shape and I will continue working on it until it becomes a clear and concise business strategy plan.

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