Informational Interview 1

I contact one alumna of the University of Michigan, who is about to work in Public Relations department of a startup company and she is looking for interns this summer. I contact her through email and asked about whether I could apply for the internship position in her company. She was very glad to offer me the opportunity to have an interview.

This alumna is actually a friend of my colleague. They graduated in the same year. I got that information about the intern through my colleague. Although I am currently working in the marketing department, my work is very similar to what digital PR team is working on. After I introduced by experience, the alumna was very satisfied and willing to offer me the internship.

This experience taught me, it is very important to communicate with colleagues. I could choose to do my own jobs and then leave, but if I did so, I will not have this opportunity to know about this alumna and this new job.

Through my conversation with that alumna, I found out that there is still a lot I need to learn. The real PR cases are much more complicated than I imagined. I did not take any PR course in school, so I can only work from experience. But my experience is very limited. I am very glad that this alumna could offer me this opportunity to let me try a different kind of work that relate to marketing.

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