Informational Interview 2

During my internship, I also reach out to alumni of the University of Michigan. He is now the founder of an investment company. I met him during the forum that our company sponsored. Since the company I am working for right now is also doing investment, I have read through a lot of articles about the industry and about investment. I had a very brief conversation with him and got the name card.

Most students worry about looking for jobs or applying to graduate school when they are about to graduate. However, through our conversation, I realize that to start a company can also be a good choice. I worked in many startup companies, and most founders have working experience of like 10 years. They are already professionals in some area, but they decided to start their own business. I could hardly imagine how it is like to start a company immediately after graduation.  But after this conversation, I changed my mind. Although I still choose to apply to graduate school or find a job after graduation, I may want to work in a startup company whose founder is as similar age as mine.

Actually, the startup company that I am going to work in during the summer is a new startup company, and the founder is only 3 years older than me. I would like to engage in such a team where everyone is similar to me and I guess it would be a great experience.

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