Blog #6| Final Reflection

Overall, this internship provided me with very valuable experiences and allowed me to develop skills important for my future vocations. Although I may not be engaged in this field in the future, I think I really enjoyed what I did during this internship. Before I started, I had no experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), afterwards, as I gained more understanding about this field, I discovered that this field of work requires in-depth research and very thorough understanding of the company, I also realised how important this role is for a company as it directly affects a company’s performance. In taking my next steps, I hope to step foot in more fields and discover more about my vocational interests, as there may be surprises lying in every corner, just waiting for me to uncover them.

Over the past week, I finished up the finial implication containing all the research and recommendations I made for Userfacet. It was a long process and required me to go even deeper into the field. After presenting my implication to Tanuj and gaining approval, we exchanged many thanks and concluded the internship. Tanuj welcomed me to further works for the company. This internship, although virtual, was an invaluable experience for me.

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