Blog 4 Mid Point Check in

Time flies. So this has been a lot of time already spent in my contract with AAJC. At this point, I realized that this internship turned out to be somewhat different than what I expected for my goals when I first started.

First of all, I was definitely way too self-important as an intern starting in this position. At first, I thought I was going to learn so much on this job by being fully occupied with various works in non-profit and advocacy. Don’t get me wrong — I still learned a great deal through this internship, but I was definitely not exposed to as many aspects as I wanted to. Working remotely has many downsides, and one of them is that your supervisor forgets about you sometimes when they get really busy. I was expecting more challenges and opportunities in my assignments, but my supervisor would only return my email when she absolutely needs something to be done by me (mostly just translation work). I tried to take initiatives but my supervisor seemed too pre-occupied with other important stuff.

Second, the ability to expand my professional network was a challenge, especially with the not meeting anyone in the office part. Still, I got to catch up and collaborate with the Executive Director on several assignments, and I think he does not have a bad impression of me! I think I just had too many ambitions to start with, and now I am just adjusting my expectations to reality.

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