Blog 6: Final Reflection

Working for RINF, I was most excited in creating content for their website through the interviews I was assigned. I met great people and formed great relationships with those in charge of the internship at RINF. I still need to develop a greater sense of time management as I had to work on my own time with deadlines in mind. This type of environment is going to be part of my role when going into a marketing position where much of my work will be to meet deadlines on my own time. With my remaining time at the University of Michigan, I will continue to choose positions that are close to my field. Though this experience, I learned I want to move away from doing marketing for Tech companies. I want to know more about what I am marketing. The tech terminology was difficult for me to write about as I worked for RINF, so I want to be able to market something I am really passionate about or know more of. I am thinking about doing marketing for news channels or TV channels. I feel these industries are part of my daily life making me suitable to market them. This summer I will actually be trained to work for University of Michigan News en Español, so I am really excited to start pursuing my future career path.

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