Blog 6: Connecting your studies to your academic exploration

Whether or not I decided to stay with the company, working there as a part-time product consultant was definitely a great experience. It really helped me to decide the path I want to pursue. In the end, they offered me a full-time position which I happily accepted. To be completely honest, at the moment, I am not too picky about what kind of job that I want. I just like the fact that I get to stay in Ann Arbor with few more year with my friends, making a decent amount of money, with work that is not too stressful. I enjoy the work in that it is enough to keep me curious, on my toes, and get me going. However, I can see the work becoming repetitive as but which job isn’t? I like the people in the office because they are fun and considerate. I do wish there will be more projects where I could work and interact with a team of 5 to 7. I am very excited that my role will become more important and meaningful to the company as I become a full-time employee. Even though I will be faced with more responsibilities, I am excited to learn more about my job and become the expert at what I do. As I transition into a full-time employee I will be able to use my analytic skills more to develop marketing/product trends and strategies to help the business. Overall, I am just excited to start my first real job!

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