Blog 2: Work Culture

To me, work culture ultimately means respect and I would say the same for my employer as well. Being in the newsroom was extremely different from any of my other work environments. Everyone was always on the go. We had to meet deadlines everyday, and people did not have time to play any games. Although people were respectful of each other, if someone did make a mistake, you did have to pay the price and sometimes this did involve a bit of frustration, but never to the point of disrespect.

Within the newsroom, I realized it was a requirement to have tough skin. People are going to be in your face all day everyday asking for assignments to be completed, and at one point I had to ask myself am I ready for all of this? It is very demanding, and I wanted to be sure I would be able to handle every part of it, which not only included the work but the people as well.

After talking with myself for a few minutes, I knew I could adopt to the established work style. I enjoy being a ‘busy body’ so the environment was definitely a match. At previous internships, I would be idle at a desk all day by myself and to me that was boring. I knew there was no way I could have the same repeated schedule for the rest of my career. I needed change, and I am happy to say this is more than likely the type of environment I hope to start and end my career in.

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