Blog 6: Connecting your studies to your academic exploration

My internship with Ticketmaster has not only provided me with skills that will be beneficial and marketable in my job search, but my experience helped me discover my likes and dislikes that will be beneficial when deciding what full-time roles to pursue post graduation. One thing I know from this experience is I want to work in the entertainment industry. I loved the culture, the people, and I have such an appreciation for live events and what goes into making them happen. It’s such a fun and exciting industry that I did not have any experience with before my internship and it really helped me decide I want to follow that path.

As for the digital marketing side, I am not sure if I want to pursue a full-time position in this area. I want a role that will allow me to be more creative and have more engagement with clients. I was able to learn a lot about digital marketing and how much it is growing, but I am hoping to find a more client-facing role with more human interaction. As I consider my next steps, I will definitely take into consideration what I have learned about what I liked and disliked in this role. The experience was incredibly beneficial in solidifying my interest in the entertainment field as well as helping me realize what exactly I am looking for.

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