Blog: Informational Interview 2

I talked with SY, a recent graduate working for the Chinese Central Television located in D.C. I am quite interested in her work as I have always been interested in China-U.S. relationships. Her job as an intern with this media company involves a lot of different and exciting experiences. I am quite envious of how is able to meet and even interview many important figures in U.S.- China foreign politics.

We also discussed our own career plans. I am still hesitating if I should pursue a law degree, and SY, who is going to one of the top 10 law school in the coming fall, had a lot of advice on that. She, as a fellow international student, shared a lot of information about the job market for foreign lawyers, the visa sponsorship situation, and all the very insider tips. It is very important for me to hear about those as usually other folks have little knowledge about how the immigration system, employment-based visa work at all.

Also, SY also told me that she got her internship simply by sending a message to the anchor on social media! This is almost unimaginable to me, as I am more used to the old fashioned “getting a job through three rounds of interviews” type of job application. But isn’t this super cool! The power of networking and just taking initiatives!

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