Blog #6: Connecting your studies to your academic exploration

I considered a career in market research. Now that the internship is overall, I am now interested in business strategy. Also, prior to this internship, I wanted a more analytical, technical job, but now I feel like work that is more client-facing and dynamic fits me more.

Working with Brian, a startup founder, was a very rewarding experience for me. It was especially worthwhile to know that I was exposed to the growth phase of a company.  So this internship was a lot different from what I was used to doing (analyzing companies’ financials and seeing how firms compete).  It was fun for me to talk to my mentor about brainstorming ideas and ways to grow partnerships for his company. It was also exciting to test out hypotheses and see if they worked.  Moving forward, I think it would be very valuable for me to learn more from case studies and take more finance related economics courses.

For this week, Brian and I talked about my research findings of the hotel/booking platforms. I had categorized the companies into 4 different areas, and we discussed about the economics behind each one.  We also had a discussion about the processes of successful and unsuccessful partnerships. So I learned how to send emails, find the right people to talk to, how to cold call,  overall what to do in different scenarios, and what possible outcomes there could be. I was able to develop skills relating to business communication through these tasks, which is really important for any future job.


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