Blog 4: Mid-Point Check-In

So far, my internship has been going great. I have started to accomplish some of my goals, which is good but I need to do more. I believe the goals I set in the beginning accurately describe my experience. As a result, I do not need to develop any new ones. For me, I believe it is important to take each goal step by step so I won’t overwhelm myself. For example, I am not going to learn how to edit in a day. By understanding this, I have placed this on the back burner and have devoted my time to focusing on the less time consuming goals I need to master. For instance, I have been able to go out in the field with news reporters. Each time I go, they encourage me to do stand-ups, which is great. I have received compliments on the way I talk; however, I also have been critiqued. I have found it to be extremely helpful because the news reporters and even photographers have pointed out things I would not have noticed on my own. After they did, I worked to improve it for the next time. In terms of my personal growth, I would say it is the matter of me stepping outside of my comfort zone and being more aggressive.

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