Active Reflection Post #1: Goals and Expectations

On this flash internship, I am excited to learn more about the tech industry and about how different fields play a role in the tech industry. I am also excited to visit companies like Pinterest and Facebook (especially since I use their apps a lot) and collaborate on the projects they present to us with my peers. I think the ability to visit and work on projects at some of the leading companies in the tech industry will be a great way to both learn about their work environment as well as gain some work experience.

One thing I look forward to is shadowing at the design department of Netflix. This is an amazing opportunity for me because I am interested in the field of user-experience/product design, and so this internship gives me the chance to shadow a professional doing the work that I one day hope to do. As a result of this flash internship, I hope to learn more about the typical day of a UX/Product Designer, the culture of Silicon Valley, and the work that our alumni do at these wonderful companies!

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