5 Days in Tech: Goals and Expectations

The semester before this trip has been tumultuous and difficult, lots of times due to mistakes of my own doing. I see this flash internship as an opportunity to recompose and prove to myself that I’m capable of transferring my formal Computer Science education to a real-life setting.

As a shy introvert, networking and making lasting connections has been hard for me because I struggle to develop relationships with other people. However, over this past school year, I’ve forced myself to develop an extrovert alter ego and I’m excited to showcase this side of my personality to the alumni and especially my other peers who’ll be going through this experience with me. I don’t know what to expect from the other students but everyone seems very nice. I’m sure that this will be a great time for everyone involved.

As a Computer Science student, I’ve learned how to at least begin to tackle problems that I do not have the answer to. However, this aspect of CS and Engineering as a whole is what scares me the most. At some point, I will just have to trust that my problem-solving skills will guide me through. I’m very excited to tackle the problems that these companies will throw at us. I just hope that my problem-solving skills and creativity will allow me to craft amazing solutions to whatever project is presented to me.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime. I have lots of hopes and wishes, but nearly all are out of my control. So a personal goal I’m setting for myself is to be on top of all projects and preparation ahead of time and to be painstakingly organized. I want this trip to go as smoothly as possible. I’m striving to make a positive impact on everyone, not just the companies and I know that I can do that.

I have no expectations in particular but I always try to speak what I want into existence. Therefore I expect that this will be a fun, educational, and mutually beneficial experience for everyone involved. I can’t wait to get started!

Jalen White
Class of 2020
B.A. Computer Science

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