Five Days In Tech – Shameek’s Goals & Expectations

Most of the passengers around me are sound asleep, enjoying the quiet glide over the Midwest on our flight to San Francisco. I, on the other hand, am very much awake and excited to embark on this Flash Internship in Tech! This is a tremendous opportunity for me, since I’ve been interested in technology products since I was young and am very much hoping for a career working with exciting and innovative pieces of technology. However, there is still so much for me to learn before that — I’m hoping the Flash Internship in Tech will put me closer to a career in technology by answering some lingering questions I’ve had.

Companies that we’re going to visit – like Pinterest, WhatsApp, and Instagram – are giant companies with millions of users and thousands of employees. To bring a product with such high impact into fruition, employees across every role must work together in some way. I’m hoping that by interacting with Michigan alumni at some of these companies, I’ll be able to pinpoint exactly how people in different roles work together. I’m especially curious about learning how technical and non-technical roles interact, since I’m someone who is interested in a “hybrid” role that involves both of those sides.

I’ve also always been interested in learning about not only different roles in technology, but also in the different paths taken by leaders in technology. I know that there isn’t one specific path that must be taken to end up in a specific role; every technology leader has their own story. During the Flash Internship, we’ll meet many Michigan alum who have become influential in their field. I think this’ll be the perfect chance for me to learn about the different choices they made, and ultimately how those choices impacted their career.

Overall, my interest in technology ultimately lies in creating exciting, innovative products. I’m thrilled by the idea of making something that people might use to gain some value or solve a problem. During the Flash Internship, we’ll be working on actual projects with Michigan alumni at the companies. Through this experience, I hope to gain a deeper understanding of these exciting products and learn more about the insight behind crafting the product a certain way.

Once I land, I’ll experience a week in San Francisco that’ll absolutely change the way I view technology, and I can’t wait. Cheers!

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