Active Reflection for Flash Internship: 5 days in Tech

I learnt a lot from Flash Internship: 5 days in Tech.

Firstly, I went to different size of technology companies, including PagerDuty, Pinterest, and Facebook/WhatsApp, where I had a deeper exploration inside the industry and leant how business in those companies works. They are a lot more different than I had thought. Technology companies are not just for those who love coding, but also for students from every major who interested in technology. This confirms me to continue studying Math and Econ, which I find myself truly love.

Secondly, I find myself really passionate about Fintech company. I went to VISA to shadow with an alumni there, and really had a great time there. This new type of company, which is the combination of finance and technology, fits my interest between Econ/Finance and CS well and I will join some club next semester to see if I really love it. Meanwhile, I might start networking with those alumni to find if there are opportunities for me.

Thirdly, I learnt a lot from the alumni’s personal experience. From their career path, I can see pursuing career success needs long-term efforts. We should learn through life and be prepared to challenge ourselves. Also, soft skills like listening, debating, and presenting are really important and worth a long-time building. I gradually grow a deeper understanding of liberal arts education and will stick to my plan, both academically and personally, to be a better woman.

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