Flash Internship: Sports Media Blog Post #1

Three days away, and I could not be more excited to take part in the sports media flash internship through the LSA Opportunity Hub. I am incredibly grateful and humbled to have this once and a lifetime opportunity to learn about the sports media industry from successful University of Michigan Alumni. My main goals for this flash internship are to be an active listener, to grow my professional network with alumni and my peers, and to appreciate every moment. Being an active listener will be incredibly important for this internship because I want to be able to take in as much information from the alumni about the sports media industry. Entering my time at the University of Michigan, I had my heart set on majoring in political science because it was the “typical” major for students pursuing law school but I wasn’t really passionate about it. I recently declared English as my major as a rising junior because I found out that it was something a genuinely enjoyed. Similarly, I have an immense passion and love for sports and am hoping to learn more about how the sports media industry operates and how one even becomes successful in the field. I had not really considered a future for myself in sports media until recently, but I know that it is something that I would love to do for the rest of my life. The alumni that our cohort will have the opportunity to meet, listen to, and learn from were once in our shoes at the University of Michigan, and have gone on to do amazing things in the sports media industry. I am hoping to learn more about their journey from their time at Michigan to where they are now, and I am expecting their stories and advice to be an inspiration to us all. I am also thrilled to work alongside fellow peers from Michigan and to create bonds that will last beyond undergrad.

One thought on “Flash Internship: Sports Media Blog Post #1

  • May 7, 2018 at 7:56 pm

    Hello Sergio,

    Thank you for sharing your clear excitement about this opportunity. I’m really glad that you view this as an opportunity that is worth valuing and taking seriously. It’s interesting to see you share your opinion on the importance of being an active listener. I would ask that you consider what this means not only when listening to responses by the alumni to questions you ask, but also by the alumni in response to questions asked by your peers. Part of what makes these opportunities so unique is that you get to explore an industry in the presence of others who are also exploring. Thus, I would suggest that you consider how you can best maximize the presence of others going through a similar process as yourself. How can you be an active listener toward your peers?

    I think you bring a different perspective to the table, as you have a background in political science and english, and still have an interest in law. Have you given much thought to how these experiences will play into your exploratory process? Perhaps you can consider ways of asking questions pertaining to how your full liberal arts experience can be used to your benefit when pursuing a career in sports media.


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