Flash Sports Internship Blog #1 – Goals and Expectations

I am very very excited to be participating in the LSA Sports Media Flash Internship opportunity. I believe it will be a great way for me develop a deep understanding of all the workings that sports media has to offer. This opportunity will allow me the ability to network with accomplished U of M alumni and help me answer questions/concerns about pursuing a career in the sports media field.  The minute I saw the email for this opportunity, my friends and family all agreed this was an opportunity practically built for me. I have wanted to pursue a career in sports entertainment and media ever since I was little and now I can actually begin to live out my fantasy. I am hoping receive advice about how to jump start my career into sports media and what skills I should develop and work on throughout college to help prepare me for a future in sports entertainment. I am looking forward to networking with extremely talented Michigan alumni, hearing about their journeys and learning how to become as successful as they are. I am currently pursuing a degree in Communication and look forward to learning about how that will translate into a profession in the sports media world. I am eager to begin this experience; it is going to balance professionalism, career- development, sports and fun. I am excited to be touring sports stadiums and network studios, learning everything there is to know about working in the sports media world  and figuring out what job would best suit me. I have so many things I want to learn and I am thrilled to be part of something that could be the beginning journey to achieving my dream job. I am thankful to LSA and the University for this opportunity and grateful to be part of this experience.  Go Blue!

One thought on “Flash Sports Internship Blog #1 – Goals and Expectations

  • May 7, 2018 at 3:57 pm

    Hello Dani,

    Thank you for sharing so much valuable insight; it’s indicative of the time and effort you have put into thinking through this experience. I’m happy to know that you and your friends are in agreement that this opportunity fits in well with your interests – our goal was to identify students who have an interest, but also want to explore the industry more broadly. I believe that the opportunity to network with such distinguished UofM alumni is amazing, so I would challenge you to consider how you can maximize this experience. Perhaps thinking through and jotting down some questions for specific individuals (expanding upon what you did for the assignment) would prove helpful in helping to prepare yourself for this experience. The alumni are eager to meet you all, so ensuring that your excitement and interest shines through will be something of which you want to be aware. You also may want to consider the diversity of options in sports media. There are so many different roles, which means there are tons of paths you can take to get there. Perhaps conjuring up broad, open-ended questions would be the way to go so that you can learn about the breadth of experiences people can take before entering the sports media industry.


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