Future Plans

The flash internship was simply amazing, I was able to gain a lot of insight on the different careers in technology and even developed new skills that will definitely help me in my future plans. Through this experience, I learned that there are so many positions available at technology companies and as long as you have the passion and motivation to succeed you can learn the skills needed for a job(of course you will need to excel at the basic job responsibilities, but you shouldn’t be afraid to apply for a job if you don’t have all the skills needed). This will impact my future career plans, as I now know that I should apply to various job positions that interest me, even if it may not be the job I was expecting or don’t possess a few of the required skills.

I also plan on transferring the time management and team-working skills I was able to build on through the flash internship. In a short amount of time we were tasked with solving real problems the companies we visited were facing and present our ideas to our fellow students and alumni, these project experiences undoubtedly helped me grow my time management and collaboration skills, which I can most certainly use in my courses.

This flash internship gave me the opportunity to unquestionably want a career in tech and meet amazing people along the way, who I hope to stay connected with throughout my school, career, and personal paths.

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