Internship Basics #1

For the next eight weeks, I am interning as the “English Language Guru” at the Estrel Berlin, which is the largest hotel and conference center in Europe. As the E.L.G., I will be, for the most part, responsible for making sure that the hotel and conference center’s published materials/communications are written and conducted in proper English. I will also be working very closely with the Sales and Marketing Department to coordinate the booking of companies, clients and events coming from English-speaking regions, such as the US and the UK. As a Creative Writing and German double-major, I was drawn to this opportunity as it allows me to practice both professional writing and speaking in German. I am especially looking forward to the chance to be able to practice both conversational and business German as I navigate Berlin and professional encounters at work.

In terms of goals, I am hoping to gain a lot of experience with editing and publishing written materials and the software programs that are used to do so (for example, when I work with the PR Department to edit the English version of the website, I’ll get to learn how the hotel’s website operates from the side of the publisher). I am also hoping to greatly advance my German speaking skills and to gain business experience working in hospitality – an area in which I have never worked before!

Some pics of Berlin:

the Brandenburg Gate

view from the Brandenburg Gate

the German Reichstag


One thought on “Internship Basics #1

  • May 7, 2018 at 1:27 pm

    Dear Zofia,

    I am so excited that you are able to live in Berlin, practice your German, and apply your creative writing skills. Since Estrel is such a large conference center, I’m sure your work will have a large impact. Excited to hear what comes next!



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