And So It Begins #1

The Incentive

I have been working in this lab for two years now. My freshmen year I worked here through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program otherwise known as UROP, and my sophomore year I worked here through Research Scholars. I fell in love with both the people and the research we did so I did not want to leave. I decided that I would continue working here while taking spring classes. Little did I know when applying for this internship scholarship, my mentor would leave.

The Challenge

My lab mentor was a post-doc. She was amazing and taught me everything I know. We ended up becoming very good friends, but at the end of the winter semester she broke the news that she would be moving to North Carolina. I was devastated, and I no longer wanted to remain in the internship. But, I ended up deciding to stay. I was thrown upon a new post-doc with a different project that I did not understand. The lab has been turned upside down for me. I know that many more challenges will be lying ahead.


With the past information my previous mentor taught me, I am now able to contribute new ideas and new methods to my new mentor. He is teaching me, and I am teaching him. I feel more independent in the lab now as my new post-doc has too many undergraduates to guide us all at one time. It is scary but it is a good leadership position for me.

The picture below is from my first day on the job. I just completed a 40 mouse infection by myself while teaching my new mentor the process.

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