Sports Media Blog Post 1

When I first learned about this amazing opportunity, I was so excited and hoped that I would be one of the few chosen. It allowed me to realize the opportunities that come with being a student in the LSA. And here we are! We are only a couple of days out until we begin our three-day journey throughout different aspects of sports media. My goal for these three days is to really establish meaningful connections, not only with the alumni but with my cohort as well. Throughout that process, I want to learn more about myself and be able to get a better understanding on whether sports media or a career in sports in general is a good fit for me. I really do expect to get plenty out of this internship. I am expecting that everything we do in those three days is a learning experience and that I can take away something from it to help me out in my dilemma or in getting where I want to be. I am hoping to learn about how I can make this career path my own and be able to give a great deal of myself in what I do. I would also like to learn a little more on how what I learn in this internship can transcend to other careers in sports like sports marketing. This is an amazing opportunity and I cannot wait to get started!

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