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Growing up in California, the ocean has played a major role in my life. The urgency for ocean conservation has inspired me to intern at the Blue World Institute in Mali Losinj, Croatia.  As an intern, I conduct research for the Adriatic Dolphin Project,  the longest bottlenose dolphin study in the Mediterranean Sea. My work includes photo identification, which is done in the office, and location tracking, which is the field research portion of the internship. Photo identification requires me to identify dolphins by matching photos of their fins with photos that identify each individual. This job has been my biggest challenge due to the patience and visual skills it requires. This past week I have identified seventeen out of twenty two dolphins. My goal for this month is to find a more efficient way of looking through the photos, so I can identify dolphins faster. In addition to improving my dolphin identification skills, I hope to improve my dolphin spotting skills, which are required when gathering information about their location. Dolphins are sometimes hard to spot, but my goal is to leave this internship having spotted the dolphins first, at least once, during a boat ride. This internship has allowed me to channel my passion for the ocean into a conservation project. I expect to leave this internship with an expanded knowledge about bottlenose dolphins and tactics for ocean conservation. In addition, I hope to learn about Croatia’s culture, develop lasting relationships, and explore the beautiful island of Mali Losinj.

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  • May 15, 2018 at 1:50 pm

    Thanks, Jillian, for sharing your first experiences in Croatia! I’m so glad to hear that you have secured an internship that builds on your existing passion for the oceans and protecting their vital–and incredible–life forms. Your goals for this internship sound excellent, too. It sounds like it’s very difficult to quickly locate and identify dolphins, so figuring out a way to make that process faster will surely be helpful both to you and to the organization. One piece of advice is to definitely take advantage of being in Croatia! It’s such an incredible experience to get to spend a summer working abroad, so soak up every bit of it that you can!




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