Split, Croatia #2

Hello! Week two is already over, which is insane. I think I am finally getting a hang of navigating Split and I really have been loving the city. I have made plans to go to some ruins tomorrow and hopefully Krka national park next week.

One of the prompts was about interesting locals I have met, which there are a few of. My mentor was the first person I met when I got here. She is arguably the sweetest person in the world and has help me out a lot since I have been here. She knows a lot about the history of Split and has been really helpful with showing me and some other interns interesting places that we can visit.

Then there are my roommates. I live with 5 university students in a flat. It has been cool just to talk to them about Croatia, but also just normal stuff as well. While the living situation is great, I have definitely needed their help to figure out how stuff works around the apartment or how to cook my food (since I can’t read the labels) or where are good places to visit.

Because the girls are all from the area, they are not really that into going out to do the more “touristy” things, such as visiting the various ruins. I ended up starting the same day as these three interns from France, so we often make plans to explore Split together. That has been interesting, because I have been learning a little about France from them.

Welp, that’s all I guess.

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